About Us

Welcome to our Pleasure Shop. Capt’n Max, my fellow bonobo sapiens (humans that love bonobos) and I are committed to providing you with an entertaining, educational and engaging experience. With an eclectic collection of products from around the world, and prices that range from ridiculously low to the outrageously high, we have the perfect gifts for your every need, desire, fetish, fantasy, taste and budget. We even have free alternatives such as shows and streaming services for you to enjoy without paying a penny. 

Of course, we’ve just begun, and we’re a work-in-progress, so do let us know if anything doesn’t work or play. However, we’re moving quickly to develop our little Pleasure Shop into a really fun and rewarding journey through a diverse and enchanting Land of Gifts you’ll never forget.  

We’re just really excited about what we can do to help make your life easier, more pleasurable and even more meaningful.

Our Pleasure Shop is a veritable “marketplace of possibilities” with an ever-expanding inventory that’s updated every week—and sometimes every day. Our knowledgeable and friendly bonobo sapien staffers are available to assist you 24/7. Yes, you read right; you can actually call and talk to us, or email us. Our goal is make your shopping experience more convenient and enjoyable, as well as efficient, saving you valuable time and money.

Our bonobo sapiens search high and low—on the web and around the world, in labs, warehouses, art studios and our friends’ garages— looking for products we believe are exceptional and high-quality.

We also partner with trusted affiliates for which we earn a commission, which allows us to “spread the wealth” to important causes that need our support.   

For instance, every month, we donate a portion of each Pleasure Shop sale—to saving the real bonobos, the highly endangered make-love-not-war great apes, from extinction in the wild. Check out my book, The Bonobo Way: The Evolution of Peace through Pleasure, for more about these amazing, inspirational creatures. We also donate to other organizations working toward making a better, more beautiful, equitable and sustainable world.

Thanks to the income we earn from this Pleasure Shop, as well as our private sex therapy practice and other paid offerings, we can also provide free access to all of our websites and many of our streaming services. We also link to other sites that have quality products, good deals and just plain old great stuff.

#GoBonobos, thank you for your support, enjoy your visit and remember, we add something to our collection almost every day, so come back soon!

Susan Block, Ph.D., aka “Dr. Suzy”

Dr. Block’s Pleasure Shop

Last Updated: February 8, 2021