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3ct Peacock Tanzanite Pendant “Peacock Rose”




From the Monarchy Jewels, Royal Collection, I present you “Peacock Rose” a piece designed to reflect the majestic beauty of nature, Earth and Femininity. This is a statement piece for a Monarch. With a total of 59 stones including 2 exquisite Tanzanite, 25 Amethysts, 15 Emeralds, 11 Peridot and 6 Sapphires set in 14k Rose Gold, hanging from a 17″ matching chain. This one of a kind pendent is as vibrant and colorful as a peacocking rose garden and elegant enough for any special occasion.

This pendant is numbered as part of the collection.

The image in the listing is a computer generated approximate sample and does not reflect exactly what the piece will look like. View the photographs to see the actual stones in the piece. The details of the stones in the piece are outlined below.

14k Rose Gold (6 grams)
Stone 1
Tanzanite 10mm x 7mm
Stone 2
Tanzanite 5mm x 3mm
Accent 1
Accent 2
Emerald varying sizes
Accent 3
Blue Sapphire varying sizes
Accent 4
Amethyst varying sizes


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