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Dr. Suzy’s Magic Dildonic Vibrating Broom

by Dr. Susan Block


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Dr. Suzy’s Original Magic Dildonic Vibrating Broom is a Dildo, Vibrator, Paddle, Sweeper and Costume Prop all in one!

Dr. Susan Block designed the first Magic Dildonic Vibrating Broom for her Halloween Bacchanalia Erotic Insurgent Masquerade. Now, due to popular demand, we are offering Magic Dildonic Vibrating Brooms in Shopping Heaven. Inspired by Mattel’s “Nimbus 2000” Harry Potter Vibrating Broom scandal, Dr. Suzy’s Magic Dildonic Vibrating Broom vibrates so that you feel like you’re flying and has a nine-inch dildo on the front and great bristles for spanking on the lower end. Be a Sexy Witch with your own Magic Dildonic Vibrating Broom! Dr. Susan Block designed this very special adult toy, inspired by Mattel’s “Nimbus 2000” Harry Potter Vibrating Broom scandal of 2002 that had parents throughout the Western world freaking out when they realized that the cute battery-operated “Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone” spin-off toy their kids loved “riding” right between their legs for hours on end was actually a masturbatory vehicle. Mattel was savvy enough to immediately discontinue the kiddy vibrators. But Dr. Suzy felt that this was no reason that consenting adults shouldn’t enjoy our own vibrating brooms. Therefore, with the help of her stylist Gene Carter, she created the Magic Dildonic Vibrating Broom.

Not only does Dr. Suzy’s Magic Dildonic Vibrating Broom vibrate so that you feel like you are really flying (at least in the sexual sense), thanks to a Pocket Rocket secured to the middle of the broom. It is also outfitted with a nine-inch dildo on the front end of the broomstick. Moreover, the sweeper end has the perfect bristles for a good spanking, or sweeping, as the case may be.

Right now, Dr.Suzy and Gene are making all Magic Dildonic Vibrating Brooms by hand, so this item is a little on the high-end side, but we’re going to find a factory in China to mass-produce these things, and soon there will be millions of happy Sexy Witches flying around the world without ever leaving the ground.


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