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Lobkowicz Premium Lager

Editor's Choice

by Pivovary Lobkowicz Group


Lobkowicz Premium Lager is a traditional Czech-style Lager whose full taste and bitterness create a harmonic combination. Only high quality ingredients of Czech origin including our own yeast phylum are used during the production. The beer doesn’t contain any hop extracts or other substitutes, it is a real triple-hopped lagerwith 12.2% originál extract.

Our premium twelve ALC: 4,7 % obj. bottle: 0,5 l keg: 15, 30, 50 l can: 0,5 l IBU: 33 EPM: 12,2

Gold Brewer’s Seal
2017 – 3. place

Hop Harvest Festival
2018 – 3. place

2019 – 1. place


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